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Why PartPay is the perfect fit for New Zealand shoppers

Sign up when you buy

You can sign up for a PartPay account when you make your first purchase using PartPay.

Once you’re at one of our partner shop’s checkout, select PartPay as the payment option.

Simply follow the instructions and you’ll be signed up with us on your first PartPay order.

What we believe

At PartPay, we believe you can be smart and shop in the moment all at the same time.

We believe that no one needs to pay interest or fees just to buy the things they want or need right now.

And we believe plenty of New Zealanders feel the same way we do.

Easy to join

If you’re 18 or over and have a New Zealand-issued driver licence and debit or credit card, signing up should take only a minute. There’s no paperwork and no social media sign in.

Keep it simple, smarty

With PartPay, once you’ve signed up, shopping is a breeze. Just select PartPay from the payment options at checkout, take a few seconds to provide details online, and leave the rest to us. If approved, we’ll deduct the first 25% from your debit or credit card right away, then another 25% every two weeks after that until we’re settled.