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    Adding PartPay to Vend

    On Vend, go to Setup -> Payment Type -> Add a new Credit Card payment type

    Enter the following details –

    Custom Name: PartPay

    Click Save, then click on “PartPay” from the list and enter the following –

    Gateway: https://merchant.partpay.co.nz/payment-gateway/vend

    To add PartPay to your Vend Register(s), go to Setup -> Outlets and Registers and click on the Register that you wish to add PartPay onto

    Click on the following link and sign in using your PartPay Merchant Portal login details:


    Once you’re on the registration page, fill in the fields to add PartPay to your register.

    The information can be found on the URL on Vend

    If you have multiple Registers that you’d want to add PartPay onto, repeat the above step. Each register should have it’s unique Register ID.

    PartPay should now be available as a Payment Type on Vend!

    Customers will need to www.partpayinstore.com to request a PartPay In-Store code

    PartPay Limited, Level 3, 33-45 Hurstmere Road, Takapuna, Auckland.

    09 489 8144 info@partpay.co.nz